Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Accountability Partners Help Writers

Are you having trouble holding yourself accountable to your writing commitments?  You are not alone.  Some may call me a type A personality because I refuse to let anything get in the way of my writing.  Over 1,000 days ago I picked a couple of friends and asked them to read my blog every day.  I don't ever want to let these people down.  That means I need to push myself to write every day lest I face the wrath of my accountability partners.  This worked very well during the first 1,000 consecutive days writing.

Why not try asking someone to be your accountability partner for 30 days?  Define what your writing goals are and then set up a writing schedule.  Email your partner and note your progress.  Be honest.  Report your weak areas.  The better you get at defining your writing goals and sharing them with your accountability partner,  the more productive you will be become.

Thanks for visiting today.  If you already work with an accountability partner, please share how it works.  Happy writing.

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