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Welcome to Caveman Reflections.  This site is designed to promote my second book, The Caveman in the MirrorClick here to order your copy on

And, speaking of reflections, this morning I read a post from Michael Hyatt, chairman of the board at Thomas Nelson Publishers, about writing vision statements.  Call me a dreamer, but his blog story inspired me to dream big about this virtual gathering place.  If I'm going to dream big, I might as well reach for the stars.  Here's my vision for the future of this blog...

Caveman Reflections Cyber-bistro Vision Statement
Caveman Reflections Cyber-bistro is the world’s largest, most respected online gathering place for publishers, writers, editors, literary agents and readers.
  1. The Cyber-bistro is world famous for launching the world's first virtual book from a cyber-kitchen, one chapter at a time, as it is written, free to bistro members.  Note:  Due to the exclusive agreement I signed with, the free chapters are no longer available at the Cyber-bistro.
  2. The Cyber-bistro hosts top industry leaders who share life lessons learned in the writing world.
  3. The Cyber-bistro hosts virtual hangouts for patrons eager to share their writing passion.
  4. One new member per week becomes a V.I.P. at the Cyber-bistro.
  5. Cyber-Friday is reserved for new book chapters from the chef or guest hosts from the publishing world.  Industry leaders share words of wisdom in guest posts.
  6. Members and guests at the Cyber-bistro interact daily in the comments section of the blog posts.
  7. Guests become regulars at the Cyber-bistro because they enjoy interacting with others who share their passion for writing.
  8. Members of the Cyber-bistro are on top of the latest industry trends thanks to ideas offered by top leaders through interviews, video messages and virtual hangouts.
  9. Each V.I.P. at the Cyber-bistro is treated like a king and invites other writing friends to socialize with him or her.
  10. The Cyber-bistro is constantly improving based on feedback from members and guests.

Every day this vision statement becomes more of a reality than a cyber-dream.  The theme song for Caveman Reflections, performed by a timeless band of musicians, represents our journey together -- a long and winding road...

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