Friday, June 15, 2012

Get a Kick Out of Writing

Guest Post by Umbro...

Hi folks.  It's Umbro, the soccer ball from Pakistan.  I'm here to help you get a kick out of writing.  I was bred to get a kick out of everything I do and lately, I've been setting some high goals with my writer buddy, Michael.

The best advice I can give for all the writers at the bistro is have fun.  Too many writers don't know how to get a kick out of writing.    The more fun you have while writing, the easier it becomes.  Did you ever notice how quickly the time passes when you're with a good friend?  How about those times when everything seemed to go in slow motion?  If you are bored, you are not having fun.  Try these ideas to help you get a kick out of writing, even if you're not a soccer ball like me:

  1. Roll with the punches.
  2. Keep rolling.  You have momentum when you're in motion.
  3. Spend time with positive people.
  4. Know the rules of writing but keep it fun and flexible.
  5. There is only so much time on the clock for each writing project.  Keep your writing time fun and the game clock will expire before you know it.
 Just remember to write as if you're playing soccer.  Keep the pace fast.  Don't forget to rest during the breaks.  Energy equals quality writing.  Take a shot at the goal every time you are in range.  Have fun. 

How do you keep writing fun?  Please share your thoughts below.

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