Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Add One Word Each Day To Your Vocabulary

Words are the paint writers use to create masterpieces.  When the best words are mixed together, the end result is brilliant and alive.  Challenge yourself to add one new word each day to your paint colors and wow your readers with vivid imagery.

My new word for the day is effervescent.  It means vivacious and enthusiastic.  I use this word to honor a friend I met shortly after moving to Iowa.  Today is his funeral.  Last night I met his family at the wake.  His family appreciated the stories I told about his accomplishments at work.  Effervescent is the best word I know to describe Ryan Johnson.  May his soul rest in peace.

What is your new word for the day?  Would you like to add it in the comments section below?  Challenge yourself to keep discovering new words daily.  Thanks for adding to the conversation.

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