Saturday, May 12, 2012

Writing With Two Thumbs

Remember the Poseidon Adventure?  I'm hearing the theme song in my head this morning as I type this story from my cell phone using only two thumbs.  Just like those travelers who kept looking for a way out of their capsized boat, I am finding a way to keep writing when the chips are down.

Last night my children were using my laptop.  They reported that the battery was not charging AFTER draining the battery down to the red zone. OUCH!  So, what is a writer to do?  There's got to be a morning after, right?

I haven't seen the sunrise yet but the first morning birds are singing.  I will be on the road soon, thankful there is a Mac store in Iowa about an hour and a half away. Yes, there is a morning after and I give this day two thumbs up.  I simply refuse to make excuses for not writing.  Please add your comments below.

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