Friday, May 11, 2012

Blogging is Important for Authors ~ Guest Post by Ashley Barron

Ashley Barron, Writer, Self-publisher and Blogger.

Please welcome today's cyber-guest host, Ashley Barron, to the Caveman Reflections Cyber-bistro.  Ashley attained a Klout score of 50+ in a short period of time and she shares her ideas on how to become a social media expert, something every writer must accomplish in today's ever-evolving world of publishing.  Make sure to check out her new book, Ava, A Priya Novel.  You can reach Ashley using the following links:

Guest Post: Blogging is Important for Authors ~ by Ashley Barron

I've recently added a five-part series on my blog ( that underscores the idea that actively blogging will change and evolve your writing.

In many respects, an active blogger is constantly practicing his or her plot generation, theme development, writing and editing skills, plus basic technical skills through uploading the posts, links, and images to his or her blogging account.  

An active blogger is also networking, learning, teaching, connecting, and adding to the dialogue of the subjects he or she has designated as the blog's core topics.

An active blogger who is also an author is creating a one-of-a-kind environment which is custom-tailored to his or her own style, and that gives readers an understanding of the voice, writing, philosophies, and chapter construction of his or her novels.

I've been blogging now for ten months, and using Twitter for the last nine months. My very first step was to create a marketing plan. I didn't know much about social media back then, but I put what I knew on paper and shaped it into goals. Every week, I pulled out my plan and added my new knowledge.

The goals evolved over time and the results of have been encouraging.  

For anyone either newly blogging or feeling as though they are not yet where they want to be with an existing blog, I'd be happy to share marketing ideas and to answer questions about what I've experienced during my first year of blogging.

I wish there were more things in life as satisfying as a good brainstorming session!

I hope you'll join in the discussion, ask questions, contribute answers, and put a few fun marketing ideas out there, too.  


Thanks, Ashley.  Bravo.  Your ideas will be helpful for the other writers who are a part of this writers blog.  The bistro is open for comments and questions directed to Ashley; she will be checking in later today and next week for anyone who would like some advice.  Don't forget to check out her blog for more writing tips.


  1. Recently read a post on that talked about having a plan instead of just lists. I think I have a lot of great lists for my blog, but I have not come up with a solid plan yet. I do plan some in that I have a post topic plan for the rest of the year, but that's really just a big list with dates. Not sure how to turn my "blog ministry" into a self-supporting entity. Not sure what marekting to use to get the word out but still fit with my personal philosophy too. Have done tons of reading and research, and your post brought my attention back to my need to focus on creating an actual plan.

  2. Michael MulliganMay 13, 2012 at 7:28 AM

    Ashley, this is a great way for writers to learn about how to get started.  Would you mind sharing one or two morsels about how you market your blog?  I'm also interested in getting a glimpse about your new novel you just released.  Can you share your inspiration for your book?  Thanks again for sharing your time and talent with the other writers at the bistro.  Maybe you can come back again to share more details about how you handle your promotions efforts.