Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Visit to the Genius Bar in Iowa

Apple Store in Jordan Creek, West Des Moines, Iowa

 The genius bar is only 103 miles away from my front door in Iowa, about the same number of miles I traveled to Disneyland when I lived in Ramona, California.  Both destinations truly are some of the happiest places on earth.  Yesterday, I felt like I was back at Disneyland when I chatted with an Apple expert at the genius bar.  I handed over my MacBook Pro and he went to work to find out why my battery was not recharging.  Before I knew it, the ride was over and my laptop was back to normal.

"Sign your name here," the genius on the other side of the bar said.  "There is no charge."

He handed me his iPad and I autographed the electronic receipt with my index finger while he packaged my new power chord, the source of my computer problem.  I walked out the door feeling like I had just been on an E-ticket ride at Disneyland.  And it didn't cost me anything except some gas.  At $3.39 a gallon in Des Moines, even the gas is a bargain.

My laptop is fully charged and I'm back on track with my morning writing routine.  It's good to know the Mac experts are only as far away as a trip to Disneyland.  Yes, I must be in Heaven.  My neighbors say it's Iowa.  To me, that's just another synonym for paradise.  There is so much to write about here.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

To all my writing friends who are mothers, Happy Mother's Day.  Enjoy your special day today.

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