Monday, May 14, 2012

Why Writers Need to Keep in Touch

Readers appreciate the warm and fuzzies writers give when they share face time with their audience.  I also like getting feedback.  Readers point out what they like and dislike.  I learned how to be a better writer by listening to people who took the time to read my first memoir and share feedback.  Here's some lessons I learned by keeping in touch with my readers:

  1. Fiction is a great way to develop characters without needing permission from real life individuals.  I invested a great deal of time asking permission from family members about my first book.  In some cases, I didn't go far enough and this lack of interaction offended others. 
  2. Feedback helps writers to improve.  By giving readers more of what they want, writers can build repeat business.
  3. Readers are your best source of advertising.  When writers take the time to meet readers, they let their audience know they care about them.
  4. Feedback can inspire new ideas for future books.
  5. Readers will tell you what is missing.  If I had an opportunity to write my first book from scratch, I would make it better because of what my readers shared with me.
Stay tuned for a blog story about specific ways writers can interact with readers.  Please share why you feel it's important to keep in touch with your readers and what lessons you learned.

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