Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I Know I'm a Writer

This last road trip confirmed it.  The whole time I was on the road, I had this yearning in my heart to write.  At last, I'm re-united with my Macbook Pro and I'm typing away at the local McDonald's, grateful for the free Wi-fi.  I have power and water in my new home but no Internet yet.  I woke up hungry.  Hungry to write.  This morning I feel like a kid in a candy store.  What a joy to fire up my laptop and have a connection to the blog world.  Here's why I know I'm a writer:

  1. When I was away from my daily writing routine, I felt a void in my life.
  2. I went to extraordinary lengths to find a way to write while on the road.
  3. When all else failed, I typed stories using only two thumbs on my cell phone.
  4. Anytime anyone asks me what I do, I blurt out, "I'm a writer."
  5. While listening to my first book on CD, I studied the sentence structure to improve how I write.
  6. I love being around other writers.
  7. Writing makes my heart flutter.
  8. The more I write, the more fun it gets.
  9. If forced to choose between food and water or writing, it would be a difficult choice.
  10. If someone offered me one million dollars provided I stop writing, I would decline the offer.
I haven't been able to connect much while on my latest adventure.  I'm completing this story with just three minutes to spare.  Tomorrow, I will share more about my recent trip.  Time to give up my seat at McDonald's.  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Happy writing.

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