Friday, April 27, 2012

Guest Post by Umbro from Pakistan

Umbro Olympico at 12,000 ft in Colorado.
Please welcome the Cyber-bistro's first international guest host, Umbro.  The writing experts were all booked, so my travel buddy is on the field for some pointers.

Hello. I'm Umbro Olympico.  My friends call me "Bro." I'm one of Mike's travel buddies and he asked me to share some thoughts with you today.  I'm a size 5 soccer ball, born in Pakistan.  Most of us get kicked around all our lives.  My life is different.  I was purchased as a raffle prize and Mike won me and my identical twin brother.  Both of us were autographed by members of the San Diego Soccers, an elite team that won numerous national championship titles.  I've never been kicked and I had the privilege of a front row seat during Mike's road trip from Ramona, California to Williamsburg, Iowa.  Here are a few ideas I would like to share as today's guest host:

  1. Anytime you feel deflated, don't give up hope.  There's always a way to bounce back.
  2. It's good to get on a roll.  Begin each day ready fired up and keep rolling.
  3. Getting kicked is part of life.  Don't ever take it personally.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people who will keep you pumped up.
  5. No matter where you are on the field of life, keep your sights on the goal.
That's it for now.  Mike invited me back to fill the void any time he's short on writing experts.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be your guest host today.  Write on.

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