Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why Guest Posts Are Necessary

Everyone has a story to tell or a gift to share.  Good leaders search for mentors who are willing to share their ideas with others and then turn the spotlight on them.  This Cyber-bistro is popular because it attracts passionate writers who want to socialize with other writers.

The last five guest hosts, the Zindler family, Byron Mettler, Norma Jean Lutz, Stacey Rudge, and Melanie Rigney, all at various stages in the writing careers, made significant contributions.  Their courage is inspiring other writers to participate in future guest appearances.

Guest posts keep this site interesting.  One of my favorite blogs is from the chairman of the board at Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael Hyatt.  Last week, he invited a former FBI agent, LaRae Quy, an undercover agent who worked in counter-intellegence, to write a guest post.  Click here to link to her story about facing fear.  As talented as Michael Hyatt is, he realizes the importance of bringing in guests to keep his site headed in the right direction.

Don't forget to visit every Friday to meet exciting guest hosts.  This Friday, editor Melanie Rigney will be our guest host at the Cyber-bistro.  Make sure to come back on cyber-guest Friday to get some great writing tips.  Have you read any interesting guest posts lately related to writing, editing, or publishing?  Post your comment below and include a link.


  1. I agree, this is like an awakening for me that no man is an island. somebody needs somebody so I'll start asking my friends too, including you, perhaps could do as my guest blogger, or why not even register or join my site. :) that if you'll it comfortable. Have known you and your site from, just an FYI. :)

    Anyway, this was a great read. Cheers! 

  2. *that if you'll FIND it comfortable...

  3.  It would be an honor to appear on your blog as a guest host.  Would it be okay if we schedule something in about three weeks.  I'm getting ready to move across country and if you want me to appear on your blog, I want to give you my best effort.

    Let me know what topic you would like me to write about and what date will work.  In about three weeks I will be settled in and ready to help out a fellow blogger.  That's very generous of you to reach out to me.  Thanks for the opportunity.  And thanks also for becoming a V.I.P. at the Cyber-bistro.  I will do my best to serve you.