Monday, February 27, 2012

How you can help a 7-yr-old writer live her dream

The "young apprentice" with her mommy.
We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer. ~ Proverbs 16:1

Dreams don't have to die.  They scour the planet for young minds with brains that are like blank canvasses, generously splashing vivid colors all over the tapestry.  The difference between a dream and reality is action.  The young artist must learn to paint the picture born inside the brain so the world can see what the vision is to become.  Here is an excerpt from one of those special minds, barely seven years old...

Speedily, pets ran.   Birds flew fast!   Families ran.  Cages opened.  Pets forced to stay by cops and nets.   In all this, a female cat escaped pregnant. She sat down by a tree…  The dogs were buster, and Snipper And Messy. The birds were Flyer, Smarty and Mary. 
Day two
She said to herself, I need to mate.   So she…

When preschool teachers observed this fledgling writer, they had no idea she could read, let alone critique the books she immersed herself in or write her own stories.  Her fixation on books troubled the teachers and the reprimands began to suffocate her love for reading and writing. 

Here is what the mom of this prodigy says...

"Teachers are tempted to label and/or suggest medication for their most enthusiastic learners. So I chose not to introduce her to a formal classroom until Pre-K, and even then her creativity was stifled." She further notes that, "According to the CDC one in six children in America exhibit noticeable signs of autism. While they call it a disease, I see it as a clear indication of entrepreneurship. Most aren't equipped with curriculum or motivation for students who require this level of Olympic learning."

How can you help this 7-yr-old writer keep her dreams alive?  The answer is simple.  Click the link below to the home-made video created by "the young apprentice," several home-school peers, and a teacher fired from the public school system.  Then, cast a vote.  Repeat this process every day until the contest ends on March 7.  When the final ballots are tabulated, this writer will earn a scholarship to CEO space international where she can be properly mentored for her ultimate dream, to change the world.

Please don't let this little girl's dream die.  The young apprentice is reaching out to you right now for your vote.  She also asks you to please forward her dream to your friends.  Her dream is in your hands.  You have the power to turn her dream into an action plan. 

 Click here to cast your vote.  The vote button is located to the right of the video.  The young apprentice thanks you.


  1. Oh Mike, My little can't loose with mentors like you behind her. She holds on to your encouraging critque of her work, and pulls it out whenever she is working on her manuscript. It blows me away that she gets the value of your role in her life. And it honors me to call you a friend! We will miss you sooo much!


  2.  We are learning from your daughter.  Glad I can help.  I'm calling every social media pro I know for help spreading the word for this great opportunity.