Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Caveman Speaking Appearance in California

"No, Dorothy, we're not going to Kansas...We're headed to Iowa."
I've been invited to share a few words at my church tomorrow.  My good friend, Pat Byrne, a retired federal firefighter who became a deacon last year, is throwing one last Mulligan going away party.  This event is bitter-sweet, like saying good-bye to your child before he or she goes off to college or enters military service.  You know there will be exciting days ahead, but you also know there will be an empty seat at the dinner table.

It's time for my family and me to depart.  I will be sharing my bitter-sweet emotions one last time in front of a crowd of people I consider part of my own family.  Three days later, my home will close escrow and it will be time to leave California.  We will exit stage right and travel 1,800 miles to enter the next chapter of our lives.  There will be a one week intermission between acts, a time for my family to savor God's creation in Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Nebraska before making our new home in Iowa.  I've been warned to take a safer southern route, however, unless there's a blizzard, my family wants to travel the more difficult road-- does this remind you of someone you know?

The Cyber-bistro will remain open during my one week blog vacation and daily stories will automatically appear at 8:08AM, Pacific time.  Kelly Combs will be my special guest host on cyber-guest Friday.

My last caveman speaking appearance in California is open to the general public.  It takes place at the social center at the corner of 6th and Main in Ramona, across the street from the church.  I prefer to speak outside the walls of the church, a tradition started 2,000 years ago by the Son of a Jewish carpenter.  His best work was done in neutral settings like the social center in Ramona.  If you decide to stop by, please say hello to my family and friends.  I hope you can make it to the party.

***News Flash--This just in***

Urgent request from a 7-year-old writer and world changer.  Please read her request:

My mommy and daddy call me the "young apprentice."  I'm seven years old and I'm working on my first manuscript.  I also create websites.  I want to win a scholarship so I can go to a special school and learn how to develop my special gifts.  If I went to a public school, my teachers wouldn't know what to do with me because they tell me I have some signs of autism.   I made a video to ask you to vote for me so I can get a scholarship.  Please watch my video and vote for me.  My mommy helped me make the video.  It's the one that has a black screen at the beginning.  I need you to vote for me every day until the contest ends on March 7.  I also need you to tell your friends to watch my video and vote every day, too.  I'm going to come to Mike's going away party at his church.  He told me if I come, I can stand in front of all his friends and tell them more about my dream to change the world.  Thanks for helping me change the world.  Here's a link to my video. 

Click here to vote for Adrielle.


  1. I just click on the link for the young apprentice and she is currently in 4th place.  Please vote once every 24 hours through March 7 and ask your friends to vote.  This family has done so much to help me live my dream.  The young apprentice's daddy, Pete, is my writing mentor; her mommy is my daily encourager, and the young apprentice is going to change the world.  In order to do it, she needs your daily support.  The first day she came home from preschool, the young apprentice told her parents her the books she read used "that" too many times.  Her teachers were not even aware the young apprentice could read.  They were too busy focusing on the signs of autism.  Please help this young visionary get into a school where her gifts can be maximized.

  2. Bless you and your family in this new chapter of your lives! 
    Annette W

  3.  Thank you, Annette.  And congratulations getting your first book published.  I hope you become a member of the Cyber-bistro and keep in touch.  It has been great knowing you.

  4. Michael - big times happening for the Mulligan family. You will find Iowa to be a bit colder than California.  Also a bit "slower." My husband is from Iowa and it is a wonderful place, albeit cold! I hope your family will make many wonderful memoriest there.

    Thanks for the chance to guest post.

  5.  Thanks, Kelly.  My love for Iowa doesn't have much to do with the weather, it's the people.  The first time I visited, everyone who drove by me during my daily walks along the country roads waved at me.  Iowans are kindhearted people with family values.  Thanks for the encouragement and for being this week's cyber-host. I will be reading your guest blog while on the road.  My "blog vacation" begins on Friday when you are the cyber-chef for the day.  After reading your "guacamole story" you contributed at Free Lemonade Stories, I know bistro members and guests will be in for a real treat on Friday.