Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's Your Social Media Grade?

 Editor's note:  I'm on a one-week blog vacation, beginning today and my internet connection will be spotty while I'm traveling cross-country.  I will be happy to reply to all comments once I return to the Cyber-bistro.  Thanks for your patience.

When I started tweeting at the beginning of the year, I was a failing social media student with only twelve followers.  If I can get a grade like this, believe me, anyone can...

has earned a Tweet Grade of "A+"
on this 25th day of February in the year of 2012.
TweetGrade - n. a quantitative assessment of your reach and influence in the Twitter community. Based on your interactions with others, the frequency and content of your updates, and your overall contributions to Twitter, we assign a simple letter grade that ranges from an 'F' to an 'A+'.

Are you getting passing grades in social media?  Follow the link below to find out your twitter grade and post your comment below.  If you need help improving your grade, consider following this blog.  Every member is a blog V.I.P.

Click here to find your Twitter grade.

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