Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Vacation Starts Today

Don't worry.  The kitchen will remain open during my one week blog vacation which officially starts tonight when my wife comes home from her last day at work.  We are all set to close escrow on our home and we will be on the road shortly.  The guest posts for the next two weeks by Julie Pendray and Kelly Combs are already submitted and programmed to run the next two cyber-guest Fridays; all other posts appearing during my blog vacation are set to automatically appear daily at 8:08AM.

While your chef is on the road, there will be limited contact.  Most emails and comments will not be answered until I arrive in Iowa.  Thanks for your patience.  I can't wait to share my cross-country adventure with you.  Against the advice of friends, we are planning to travel through Nevada, Colorado, Utah and Nebraska on our way to Iowa.  The southern route is the safer road, however, my entire family wants to see new places and we are in no rush.  We will have the moving truck for seven days.

If I could ask you for one favor, I would love some prayers for a safe road trip.  My wife and I are also looking for jobs in Iowa.  I will continue to write for 3 hours and 8 minutes every morning beginning at 5:00AM and will make public speaking appearances approximately twice per month, however, additional income is needed to feed my family.  Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.  Please keep your comments coming during my blog vacation and I will respond soon.  And don't forget to vote for the "young apprentice."  In case you missed her story, scroll down.  Click here to vote.

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