Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two More Writers Scheduled for Cyber-guest Friday

Please welcome Norma Jean Lutz to the Cyber-bistro.  I recently read her free ebook about how to begin your novel and found it quite helpful.  Norma Jean loves to share her writing passion with others and will be making a guest appearance this Friday, February 10.

Another writer from my critique group, Stacey Rudge, will be appearing the following Friday, February 17, to share about her writing journey.  I can't wait to read her latest chapters when we meet twice a month.  Her book, although not yet published, is already changing lives.

I'm really excited to have so many talented writers sharing their thoughts here.  If you are interested in appearing as my cyber-guest, please email me.  In addition to guest authors, other future guests will include publishers, editors, literary agents, and social media experts.  Do you have a favorite author you would like to meet at the Cyber-bistro?  Let me know and I'll send out an invitation.  Just fill out a comment below.


  1. Very excited to be involved in the cyber-bistro. But you might change the bio to "not yet published" lol

  2. Yes, thanks for the edit. I'm amazed how much interest you are getting from publishers, but not surprised. Your story is authentic and transparent. Cyber-guests are in for a real treat. See you at the Cyber-bistro on Friday, February 17.