Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is Your Tool Box Missing Anything?

No matter what line of work you're in, without the proper tools, you'll never reach your maximum potential.  In the old days, a writer needed paper and a typewriter.  Life was simple, as long as you knew how to type.  I didn't.  Maybe a little too much time on the tennis courts.  Mom rescued me, usually the night before a paper was due.  I remember when we ran out of ribbon and the stores were closed.  Mom stayed up all night, typing a few words at a time, then advancing the ribbon manually.

I still like to procrastinate, however, I finally figured out how to type with more than two fingers.  I even discovered a tool for typing with no hands, Dragon Dictate 2.0.  Here's a list of tools I recommend for any writer who wants to be a master craftsman:

  • A Google Profile Page (Here's here)
  • Gmail - Once you're set up, you can connect groups for efficient emailing.
  • Google Calendar - Share this with family and co-workers.  Get reminders on your phone.
  • Google+ for your business, more on this later, it's a big one.  You won't be disappointed.
  • 2 Blogger Accounts- Blogger by Google is free, up to ten pages per blog.  Connect two to each other and you have twenty pages.  As you fill up the pages, keep adding them, like legos.  Your readers won't even realize they are separate blogs when you connect them properly.
  • A Facebook business page - Separate your business life from your personal life.
  • A Google business page - Click here to see my author page.
  • A social media site for bloggers.  Just found this site yesterday.
  • Twitter- Click here to see how I set up my profile which directs readers to my writer's blog.
  • 1 Hammer- If you find yourself dazed and confused from all the other tools, use the hammer to go pound some nails.  This is great for venting.  Avoid hitting your thumb, you will need it when you're ready to return to your toolbox for some serious writing.
My toolbox is not quite a thousand days old.  I started as an apprentice.  With the exception of the hammer, all the tools you see in my toolbox are barely used.  I'm relying on the professionals to guide me every Friday on Cyber-guest Friday at the bistro.  If you're just getting started, make sure your toolbox is well-stocked.  Hammer away.

Feel free to add to the list.  What's your favorite writing tool?

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