Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Giant Must Fall

In Rocky IV, Rocky Balboa had personal reasons for relinquishing his title and leaving the comforts of home to face a fierce enemy.  His opponent trained in state of the art facilities while Rocky prepared his mind and body in frigid conditions.

I see many parallels in my own life.  My enemy taunts me and I choose to face him head-on.  I will train in similar circumstances Rocky encountered.  My approach to writing my next book will be like Rocky's game plan.  There will be no distractions where I'm going.  I will be far away from the warm weather, the beaches and all the comforts of my Southern California friends and family.  Over the years, I've grown soft while my enemy has increased his power.  My debt ratios are inexcusable.  Knocking this opponent out of the ring will be my number one goal when I move my base camp to a climate like Rocky's far-away training ground.

In order to reach my goal of writing my next book, I must not allow the enemy named "debt overload" to over-burden or distract me.  I will clear my head.  I will control my spending.  And I will focus my energy on my family and on my writing.  There will be no obstacles where I'm going.  There will be no excuses.  I will defeat this giant once and for all.  And I will claim victory over all my debts.  From now on, this writer will live within his means.

What giants do you battle?  Leave your comments below.

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