Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cyber-guest Friday Picking Up Steam

Be My Guest...

Editor and Writer, Melanie Rigney, appearing 2/24 at the bistro.
I just got an email from an editor agreeing to my request to appear as a cyber-guest.  Melanie has a long list of credentials and will be appearing at the bistro on Friday, February 24.  The next three cyber-guest Fridays are all booked up for February.

If you would like to appear as a guest on cyber-guest Friday, please contact me and let me know what topic you would like to share.  Here's a couple of links to past cyber-Friday guests in case you missed their interviews...

  1. Interview with the Zindler family.  Click here.
  2. Interview with Byron Mettler.  Click here.
If you haven't visited Free Lemonade Stories,  you may be interested in a couple more interviews...
  1. Interview with best-selling author, Dr. Jeni Stepanek.  Click here.
  2. Interview with Bruce Marchiano, writer, actor, director.  Click here.
Coming video, your chance to meet other writers, editors, literary agents and social media experts during video chat sessions.  Make sure you set up a Google account so you can participate.  Here's the link:

creating a new Google Account

Thanks for stopping by today.  Don't forget to leave your questions or comments for my cyber guest speakers.  They are eager to help you with your writing journey.

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