Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Serve 'em up, Caveman"

Caveman serves during a league match.
The most important part of the tennis game is the serve.  As long as you can win every time you are serving, you will win your matches.  I like to add my patented "caveman" grunt for emphasis on all my shots, especially when I'm serving.  And I take the same passion for serving into the cyber-kitchen at the writers bistro.  Serving at the Cyber-bistro is my specialty.

Are you enjoying the menu items so far?  It's really a pleasure to serve you.  Thanks to all the guest chefs who serve their favorite recipes every Friday, there will always be plenty of variety.  You may even sample some international foods soon.  Please keep telling your friends about this place.  It's fun to cook for large audiences.  When you stop by, just say, "Serve 'em up, Caveman."

I'll be right over to your table at the bistro.  Do you have any comments for the chef? Please send your compliments (or helpful hints) to the chef by commenting below.

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