Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome, Twitter Visitors

I started 2012  as a twitter newbie with only 12 twitter followers; without much effort on my part, I'm up to 44 followers.  I sent a few tweets seeking patrons for my new Cyber-bistro and now my twitter account is exploding with new friends.  In the past couple of weeks, I've tweeted with several top literary agents, a couple of leading publishers and a college professor who specializes in publishing.  Wow!  It's a fascinating world.  The people in Tweeterville are polite and willing to help out a rookie like me.  I will bring in some experts I'm meeting in the writing world to help our Cyber-bistro crowd learn the latest trends while having fun at the same time. 

Here's a few things you can expect from your cyber-chef:

  • Every Friday is cyber-guest Friday - an interesting leader with something important to say will share a guest post, interview or video related to writing, publishing, editing or new ideas about social media.
  • Every visitor who joins this site will be automatically entered to get an autographed copy of my next book.  Book give-aways are held on the last weekend of the month.
  • Coming Soon:  Happy Hour Hangouts. These are virtual video hangouts based on specific interests of the group.  This is a chance to interact with  a literary agent, publisher, writer, editor or other writers who want to socialize.  Groups are limited to ten per session in order to give all members a chance to participate.
  • New recipes are served seven days a week at 8:08 AM.
  • Your feedback is given high priority.  Every email is answered within 24 hours.
  • You are the most important part of the Cyber-bistro and you will be treated like royalty.
  • The Yellow Brick Road button at the top of the page is a place for all visitors to place a commemorative brick in honor of someone who touched your life.  Leave a quote or special message for other guests.
  • Every hour is happy hour.  This is a fun place to meet interesting people. 
New to tweeting?  Check out the YouTube video clip below and you'll be tweeting in no time.  Enjoy your time here and come back again.  Don't forget to tell your friends.  Maybe send out a tweet?  Leave your comments below or send me a tweet...@socalmulligan.

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