Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Are Not Alone

My greatest joy so far in this month-old blog is connecting with you.  This environment is perfect for sharing my recipes and learning how you prepare your favorite meals.  This chef is right in front of you.  I'm here to serve you.

It's an honor to host you at the Cyber-bistro.  If this is your first time visiting, you will find yourself surrounded by others who share your writing passion.  You are not alone here.  I remember what my dad said when friends visited our home, "take your coat off and stay awhile."

I do hope you stay awhile.  Look around. Email your chef if you have a private comment.  Leave a brick with your inspirational message for future visitors on the "Yellow Brick Road."  And if you have something important to share about your writing experiences, let me know and you can write a guest post for my friends.  Don't forget to tell your writing friends about this new place.  Your presence here makes every hour happy hour.

What do you think about this place?

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