Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bistro Chef Announces Secret Recipe for a Miracle in May

Chef Spoons here, aka Michael Mulligan, at the bistro to announce something I'm working on in the kitchen.  It's a secret recipe for a Miracle in May.  I'm calling on all my writing and publishing friends, bistro members and readers to help me.  It takes more than two hands to handle a whopper.  I'm estimating at least one hundred helpers will get the job done.  Miracle preparation begins here at the bistro on May 1 and will end at midnight on May 31.

I feel a little bit like the stranger who walked into a village and told all the residents he could make soup out of stones.  Everyone showed up to watch him.  By the way, does this remind you of the time when the villagers gathered around Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel to watch him dig a hole in the ground?  The town was in the middle of a famine and word spread about the visitor who could make soup out of stones.  Every day he sampled the stones but he wasn't ready to serve the town because something was missing.  Each person offered an ingredient from their home to add to the stones.  When the soup was done it was the best anyone had ever tasted.

My novel, "The Caveman in the Mirror," is the stone simmering in the pot.  I'm asking one hundred of you to join me beginning on May 1.  You are the secret ingredient I need to serve soup to the children.  I will share the details on May 1.  Please bookmark this page or like my new FaceBook author page to keep in touch and help make a miracle.  With your help it will be the finest soup you've ever tasted.  I really hope I'm not all alone digging a hole in the ground and that we witness a miracle together at the end of May.  Thanks in advance for joining me.  If you want to join me, please click the link to like my author site.  Have a great day.

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