Thursday, June 7, 2012

Writing in the Cave

It feels strange.  I'm sitting in an empty parking lot while typing this post.  It's a cave-like atmosphere.  I don't have any distractions or interruptions.  Should I mention this in the book credits when I release my novel next year?  I wonder how many other authors write in caves such as mine.

It's already time to pack it up and hit the showers.  My cave session is over and I need to get to work.  If you have ever written stories outside the comforts of your home or office, please share about your experiences.   Thanks for adding to the conversation.  It's always nice to have visitors at the Cyber-bistro, even if it sometimes resembles a parking space off of exit 220 on Interstate 80 in Iowa.


  1. Michael, I SO relate.  In pre-laptop, pre-smart phone days, I decided to get into insurance sales. (Reasoning: make more money so I could write more. eek! It never occurred to me that I would be too exhausted to write.) I was on the road 3 days a week. That meant that many time waiting between appts. I was scribbling in my notebook.

    But I have to say, looking back, there were two (probably a lot more) scenes that I saw, or circumstances that happened to me on those appts., that wound up in the novel that I wrote after I quite selling.  So the Lord did redeem that time.

    Keep on writing my friend!! 

  2.  I like your comment about the Lord redeeming that time.  I do believe every life experience is an opportunity for writers to grow in wisdom.  Thanks for sharing.