Monday, June 18, 2012

Where's the Conflict?

I don't know why I spent so many years trying to eliminate the conflict in my life.  Conflict is a writer's gold mine.  The more conflict your characters face, the better your story.  My novel may be fiction, however, my own life experiences parallel many episodes my main character confronts.

Think about your favorite movie or book.  How many times was the main character on the verge of disaster?  Readers want conflict.  They want to be on the edge of their seats.  Your characters can live happily ever after at the end of your story.  Until the final chapter, it's up to you to add a little misery and a lot of suspense. 

Need help in the conflict department?  Remember all the times in your life when you experienced difficult moments.  Ponder these moments and recall how you felt.  Dig deep.  These emotions will help you add some excitement to your stories.  It's like riding a roller coaster.  The more perilous the ride, the more enjoyment your readers will get when they buckle in and sit next to you as they turn page after page.  Write on.

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