Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lightning Blogging

Before my relocation to the Midwest, I allocated exactly three hours and eight minutes to my daily writing activities.  Then I got a new day job in the marketing department of a large company.  I'm modifying my writing schedule to fit the demands of my new job.  This writers blog is one of two I contribute to every morning at sunrise.  I strive to make a point, find an image to illustrate the thought for the day and hit the showers -- I call it lightning blogging.  Here's how it works:

  1. I set the clock for fifteen minutes for my personal blog.  The idea is already in my head while I'm driving to my free Wi-fi spot at the outlet center two miles from home.  I immediately connect and put the story together within the allotted fifteen minutes.
  2. I reset the clock for an additional fifteen minutes and write a blog message for the Cyber-bistro.
  3. I respond to any comments made on both blogs in the last twenty-four hours.
  4. I check my email for new Twitter followers and follow them back.
  5. I schedule blog stories to appear on my twitter page using Hootsuite.  This program allows my stories to appear at any time during the day even when I'm not online.
Lightning blogging is forcing me to get to the point quickly.  There is no margin for error.  When the clock expires, it's time to move on to my other activities.  Want to improve your writing skills?  Try lightning blogging.  This may feel strange at first.  Keep at it.  The more you practice at a faster pace, the easier it becomes.  It will add some thunder to your stories.  Go for it!

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