Sunday, June 3, 2012

Organized Chaos

It's an oxymoron--organized chaos.  It's also an analogy I use to describe how it is to write consistently no matter how much the environment around me changes.  The ocean tides are similar, always coming in or going out in timed intervals.  Sometimes, a far off storm affects the magnitude of the waves or add dangerous riptides for the writer swimming in a sea of words.

The job of the writer is to keep swimming.  I remember training in the La Jolla waters of Southern California during stormy weather in preparation for my Alcatraz swim.  I needed an intense training environment that matched the treacherous waters of San Francisco and nature obliged. 

What is organized chaos?  I believe it's a way of life for the writer.  It's a willingness to write every day, every time, without fail, no matter how much chaos the writer is confronted with.  It's an attitude.

Expect the high tides and the low tides.  Expect stormy weather.  During periods of calm, bask in the serenity.  When a storm is on the horizon, prepare for it.  Keep writing when it hits.  Make adjustments.  Don't stop writing. 

Please add to the conversation.  How do you cope with chaos?  Do you have a way to organize it so that you keep writing during stormy weather?  If you have a story to share that you feel would be a good guest post, please email me and I will reserve a guest post Friday slot for you.  Thanks for contributing.

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  1. As a general rule, I am a very organized person. But I am learning to allow a little organized chaos in my life. I do it with my writing, for example, with my idea book as well as with how I allow myself to have piles on my desk now. Trust me when I say this is huge growth for me. I tend to have a lot of different writing ideas going at a time with a few that are the focus. I find that organized chaos allows for more creativity. It also allows God more room to move in my life. I heard from Him less when I had to be in control more.