Monday, June 4, 2012

How To Raise The Bar With Your Writing

I loved watching my junior college buddy, Steve, compete in high jumping.  He was a stellar athlete who challenged himself daily to raise the bar academically and physically.  No matter how high he jumped, I taunted him to raise the bar higher and higher.  He earned a full ride scholarship to Arizona State University in Track and Field as well as a full ride academic scholarship.

Each day I challenge myself to raise the bar with my own writing.  It may be as simple as learning one new word.  The little things you do as a writer matter.  Failing to write daily makes it difficult to improve.  Few writers make the best seller list.  Many give up before receiving a publishing contract.  It's not good enough to be a good writer.  Set your sights high.  Be a great writer.  Improve a little bit each day and you will soar with the eagles.

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