Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Tips for Better Writing

Today is guest post Friday at the Cyber-bistro.  Many writers I interact with either claim they are too busy or too unqualified to appear as a guest host.  I understand the first objection.  My calendar has never been so full.  I’m actually writing this story while waiting in line at the motor vehicle department.  It is my only “free time” today.  I understand “busy.”  I also understand how it feels to think you are unqualified to write.  I would like to jump in today and offer seven thoughts for better writing.  Maybe this will encourage other writers to volunteer to write a guest story for the Cyber-bistro:

How do you rate yourself as a writer?  I have a feeling few would give themselves a ten rating on a one to ten scale.  No matter how you rate yourself, you can always improve.  Here are seven tips for better writing:

  1. Keep writing.  The more you write, the more you will improve.  My wife and I have written over 5,000 love letters to one another.  I have written over 1,100 blog stories and continue to add two more daily.  The more I write the easier it gets.
  2. Challenge yourself to experiment.  Punctuation shouldn’t be a chore -- it should be an adventure.  Go ahead and break a few rules.
  3. Be yourself.  You don’t need to imitate other writers.  Let the real you shine through in your writing.  Readers will appreciate your uniqueness.
  4. Be fearless.  You will always have your critics.  If readers care about your success --listen to them.  If they only want to bring you down, ignore them and keep writing.  You will eventually find your target audience.
  5. Pay attention to the stories you write that attract the most readers.  Your top stories are your “wheel house.”  I’m surprised that some of my least favorites in my collection are actually the ones shared around the world. 
  6. Trust your instincts.  You know deep down you are born to write.  Your gut is a great guide.  Go for it.  Let your talent flow.
  7. Publish.  It’s so easy today to create your own blog or self publish your own book.   You won’t find readers unless you publish.  Give it a try.  Don’t stop with your first book.  Keep publishing.  The more you publish, the more experience you will gain and the more you will improve.

Don’t worry where you are on the writing scale.  What matters is that you improve your rating.  You don’t have to be a ten to be a winner.  Just be consistent and keep honing your skills.

Would you like to add your ideas about how you improve your writing?  Please add your comments below.  I’m hoping to have other writers share their stories on Cyber-guest Friday.  Please contact me if you would like to offer your expertise.

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