Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rejected By the Selection Committee

It was hard news to swallow for a writer pursuing a dream job.  My wife knew when she saw the look on my face that the email was filled with devastating news.  I have one of those poker faces and the only joker in my hand was the one laughing at me while I read the rejection note. It was from the leader of the committee in charge of finding a communications coordinator for the University of Iowa.  I waited several minutes before speaking.

"What happened?" my wife asked.

"They rejected me,"  I answered.  I remained silent for a few more minutes before responding.

"Look, honey.  This university is known as the best writing school in the country.  I didn't attend this school and I don't have any degrees in journalism.  There are hundreds of people tied to this school who are seeking this job.  I'm thankful they reviewed my work and even considered me, a writer from the west coast.  God has a better plan.  Even though I'm crushed, I'm trusting God to show me what He wants me to do."

My wife smiled and said, "Thank God the Costco people want you.  You have a great marketing job.  You get to introduce Costco to the community."

My wife always finds the silver lining in every cloud.  She's right about my new job.  The economy is still in trouble and I'm thankful to be in a thriving company where I can keep developing my marketing talents.  My new employer publishes a monthly magazine for more than 8 million readers.  If they ever need help with the magazine, I will be happy to jump in.  I wonder if any of the members would want to read my novel when I release it next year.  The blurb in Costco Connections could be titled, "Costco Employee Overcomes Rejection and Makes the Best Seller List."  I know, I know...I'm such a dreamer.  It's okay to dream big, isn't it?  Feel free to add your comments below.

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