Saturday, May 5, 2012

How an Audio Book Inspired Me To Be a Better Writer

I got an opportunity to listen to an audio book, Unbroken, while driving through the rocky mountains of Utah and Colorado.   My senses were soaring to new heights as I drove along the I-70.  My eyes have never seen so many consecutive miles of scenery so beautiful that every moment belonged on a post card.  The sights alone were enough to put me in an intense state of mind, however, listening to the story of how a World War II survivor conquered obstacle after obstacle as I drove through the mountains really helped me have an aha moment.  It's the point in your life where the light bulb goes off.

I thought about how this survivor kept going, one day at a time, just like the Colorado river keeps flowing, one day at a time, slowly etching these amazing canyons.  That's all it takes.  If you can move forward, one inch at a time, eventually you can create masterpieces.

The rivers don't care how many millions of years it takes to create a Grand Canyon.  Why should a writer care how long it takes to create a novel?

If you are facing obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your writing goals, order a copy of Unbroken today and get inspired.  I promise you that you will find new inspiration to keep on writing, no matter what challenges you face.  Care to comment?

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