Friday, May 4, 2012

Bro is Back

Bro enjoying the Colorado River.
Hello.  I'm "Bro," the soccer ball from Pakistan.  Mike asked me to fill in as today's guest host at the bistro.  He's been so busy relocating his family to Iowa that he's been out of touch with the writing experts.  Readers seemed to get a kick out of my last guest appearance, so I'm back again.  I wanted to share my opinion about the importance of relaxation.  Mike says writing can be stressful.  Here's my advice for the writers who visit this blog...

Schedule time for traveling and relaxation.  It's so easy to cut yourself off from the world.  I just completed a seven state tour with Mike and his other travel buddies, Wilson and Ramona.  It was a ball of fun.  Mike let me sit in the windshield and I savored the view.  The air is back in my lungs now.

So, if you're feeling a little deflated, just take a break and get outside with nature.  It will clear your head and allow your creativity to soar.  You will have no trouble completing your writing goals.  Just remember to relax.  Thanks for visiting today.

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