Friday, April 20, 2012

Wilson Mulligan Makes Second Guest-host Appearance

Hi, I'm Wilson Mulligan, Mike's tennis racket cover.  Mike allowed me to appear today because today is one of my most important days of my life.  I traveled with Mike and his family to Iowa in a moving truck and we had to leave the love of my life behind because she wasn't ready to travel.  The local tennis pro, Doug, offered to give her a fresh string job, but Ramona got misplaced and missed the ride to Iowa.

My theme for today's post is relationships.  When you are surrounded by loving people, you have an opportunity feel your best.  And when the one you love with all your heart slips away, you have the opportunity to feel intense emotions of separation anxiety.  Tap into these emotions and use them to write love stories.  The best stories are the ones where two characters are separated, searching for a way to re-connect.

Today, I'm finally seeing my true love for the first time since we left her behind over one month ago.  I may be an inanimate object, but I still have feelings.  I'm so happy to be with Michael on this trip back to California.  Michael will be taking pictures of my reunion with Ramona and he may write some blog stories about our travels.

I just wanted to share one lesson about relationships.  Don't take them for granted.  Stay close to the ones you love.  I got the opportunity to appear as a guest host today by default.  Usually, Michael asks writing experts to appear, however, he is really busy helping me to get reunited with Ramona and he doesn't get to spend much time at the bistro this week.  If you would like to offer your expertise here, please send Michael an email and he will schedule you for a future guest post Friday.  Thanks for stopping by today.

- Wilson Mulligan

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