Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the Court with Wilson and Ramona

Besides writing, my other passion is tennis.  I'm taking a break from my writer's blog today to spend time on the court with my team-mates before heading back to Iowa.  I just wanted to thank Wilson Mulligan for covering as guest host yesterday.  He is so happy to be back with Ramona Wilson.

I'm interviewing some writing friends while on this trip and will be posting the interviews soon.  Would you like to share what other activities you do to keep the balance in your life as a writer?  I will be off-line today while I'm playing tennis and visiting with friends.  I promise to add to the conversation once I get home to my family in Iowa.  Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. What balances my life as a writer? Reading is a necessity. My level of creativity directly correlates with the amount I read. I also need to get out and experience the world regularly instead of staying in my office writing all the time. And, last but most important, is my time with God. He is the foundation for it all.

  2. Great contribution, Kari.  Yes, God is the foundation for it all.  I'm replying to your commenting while using a computer in a hotel lobby.  It's a strange feeling, although, I'm finding that writing in new locations is spurring new creativity.  Thanks for adding your thoughts.