Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flying Penguins Inspire Cyber-bistro Members

I missed this story when it was first released by BBC in 2008 and wanted to pass it along to all bistro members and guests.  This penguin story demonstrates what can happen when you stop putting limits on yourself.  This is a great lesson for writers who don't believe their work will ever be published.  If you know of any writers who can benefit from this story, please invite them to watch the video.  Comments are welcome.  Special thanks to film maker and writer, Terry Jones, for getting this story out.


  1. Lol! That was really cool! That scene when they start to flip their wings with several jumps and then fly. I never really thought they can fly. Do they really fly? :) Great post! It made smile!

  2.  My goal on April Fools Day was to get a few laughs.  The flying penguins sure look real, however, this was a joke from 2008 and I couldn't resist re-posting it.  Thanks for being a part of the bistro.  I hope to make this a fun place for all.