Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Art of Transparency

A new writing friend told me she wanted to join a group where she could be herself.  It made me think of all the times in my life when I tried to portray something on the outside that was different from my interior.  I tried to pretend that arrows shot at my heart didn't hurt, or that I was defined by my material possessions.

Transparency offers no foxholes to hide in.  Honesty leaves you naked in front of others.  Why would anyone be willing to seek transparency when the danger of being hurt increases?  If you have a good answer to this question, please share.

For me, my desire to build solid relationships outweighs the risk of being wounded.  I also believe wounds lead to deeper emotional experiences.  The person who chooses to exercise must go through the pain of hurt muscles that are actually broken down during intense workouts.  When the muscles heal, the person is stronger and healthier.

When another person reveals his or her heart to you, be supportive.  You have reached a level of closeness that only comes from becoming transparent.  This is my promise to you.  I'm willing to share my life with you here at the bistro.  I tend to avoid sharing much about my family because they prefer privacy.  I also leave my own specific political and religious denominational views out because I'm more interested in building harmony here rather than dissension.  The focus of this blog is about writing.  I appreciate having so many caring people around here who are willing to be transparent for the sake of others.

What are your feelings about transparency?  Please add to the conversation by commenting below.

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  1. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Also, transparency takes less energy. There are too many choices and decisions to make already. Hiding myself shouldn't have to be one of them.