Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finding the Writing Zone

Do you have a writing routine?  I've experimented with writing at different times of the day.  When I'm in the middle of a creative burst, I keep going as long as I can until I run out of time and have to move on to the next item on my to do list.  My creative energy seems to be at the highest just after eight hours of sleep.  Anything less and I feel groggy, causing my writing to be of lower quality.

My body is still adjusting to the new time zone and the daylight savings, however, the peak writing time is still at the point when I wake up.  This is my writing zone.  As more writers join the Cyber-bistro, my passion for writing increases.  I love hearing how other writers develop their talents.  I know some of you here at the bistro aren't writers.  You're here because you want to see what goes on behind the scenes or you're curious about the writing process.  Or, maybe you want to learn how to be a writer. 

My favorite day is at the bistro is cyber-guest Friday.  The writers who offer their ideas when they serve as guest hosts make this blog special.  Please make sure to leave your feedback when you read a guest post you find helpful.  For many writers, this is one of their few chances to interact with an audience outside their normal circles.

What's your writing zone?  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  1. This comment will not be helpful for those wanting a specific idea of when to write because my "writing zone" is all over the place. Inspiration hits me at all times of the day, and my schedule is different every day too. So, I write when the inspiration hits. That being said, sometimes I don't have much time to spend writing when I get an idea, so I just write down some notes in my idea book and get back to it later. Also, inspiration rarely is a problem because I can write about any time I have time. Not sure why that is the case, but I suspect is has to do with the promps I leave myself in my idea book along with the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit.

  2.  Thanks, Kari.  I really like the idea book to be able to recall your thoughts when you have time to write.  And, yes, the Holy Spirit is faithful.