Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dream Employer Will Be Inspecting the Cyber-bistro

My new employer?

There's been a lot of controversy lately about prospective employers asking for passwords and user names for FaceBook accounts.  Call me crazy, but I'm inviting my future employer at the University of Iowa to the Cyber-bistro to get a first-hand look at what kind of person I am.  The writing job I'm applying for, Communications Coordinator, is number one on my bucket list - do what you love and get paid for it.

The good news for bistro members is that I will continue to manage this blog.  My personal writing time is 5:00AM to 8:08AM every morning and the new job requires twenty hours of work.  This allows me time to interact with you when I'm not serving the University.

The main purpose of this blog is to serve others and bring writers together to interact.  Please allow me to come out of the kitchen today to give a tour to my prospective employer.  And if you're new to the bistro, this letter to my future employer will help you to get to know me better...

Dear future employer at the University of Iowa,

     Thanks for visiting my blog today.  One of your professors, Brooks Landon, Phd, played a role in my writing development and he inspired a post I wrote, How to be a Winner at Sentences.  Your university is well-known in the writing world and I would like you to consider me for a position as communications coordinator.  

     Please take a look at the members who are a part of this writers blog.  You will find some of the most talented experts in the industry.   Many of them have offered guest posts for cyber-guest Fridays.  Some have allowed me to interview them.  Since interviewing others will be part of my duties at the University of Iowa, I recommend you check out some past interviews I've done.  There are two in particular that are popular around the world.
  1. Dr. Jeni Stepanek.  Click here for the interview.
  2. Bruce Marchiano.  Click here for the interview.
Since social media is a big part of the job, I recommend you inspect my social media sites:
  1. Google+ author talk page.
  2. Google+ personal page.
  3. Facebook page.
  4. Twitter account.
     If you want to get to know be better, click here to see my personal blog, a collection of stories I've been penning daily for nearly 1,000 consecutive days.  This blog is approaching 35,000 page views and is translated in every language. 

     Besides my passion for writing and social media, I've been in the publishing world for twenty plus years.  Before I left a media mogul to start my own business with a partner group, I was ranked #2 out of 2,000 account executives.  The guy who was ranked #1 is now the managing partner in the company I co-founded.  The business,, is now serving customers in three states.  Click here to see how Zoom Autos is adapting in a fast-paced publishing world by utilizing the latest social media tools and incorporating the internet to expand operations.

     Since this blog is interactive, I'm asking all bistro members and guests to add their thoughts below so my future employer can get a feel for what I will do once I'm hired.  Thanks for stopping by my site today.  I look forward to joining your staff and contributing my talents to help you reach your goals.

Best Regards,

Michael Mulligan


  1. Fingers crossed and prayers sent! Hope it happens for you. Jim is still waiting to hear about a job at the RMWD so he can come home to Ramona. Hope it works for both of you!

  2. Prayers for Jim's success at the RMWD.  Thanks for your support.

  3. M & M RupcichApril 4, 2012 at 12:48 PM

    Sounds like a good opportunity, Mike.  Right down your alley.  The position of Communications Coordinator at the University of Iowa would be a good fit!  They would be fortunate to have you on their staff!

  4. My mom always told me to "be who you are and people can't help but love you." That advice holds true here too Mike.

    1. Great advice, Kari. Thanks so much for your support and your sharing. I will follow your mom's advice.


  6.  Thanks, Susie.  Iowa City is recognized by the United Nations of Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) as the world's 3rd official City of Literature.  And the Law Department where I applied to work attracts the greatest minds in the country.  I'm thrilled to be swimming in a pool filled with so much writing talent and hope I get the opportunity to join such a brilliant team.

    I appreciate your prayers.

  7.  Thanks, Aunt Marcie.  The more I learn about the University of Iowa, the more excited I get about the opportunity to help out.  The competition for a job like this is stiff, but you know just how much I love to compete and I will give my best efforts to become part of a world-class team of professionals.