Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrating 100 Days at the Bistro

Do something for thirty days and it becomes a habit.  Sixty days and the habit is re-enforced.  One hundred days and it becomes a life-long ritual.  Blogs are like restaurants, they're here today and gone tomorrow.  Not this writer's blog.  The Cyber-bistro is here to stay, thanks to the support of all the writers who visit.  Restaurants rely on repeat business to survive.  So do blogs.  And the best marketing comes from satisfied patrons who spread the word.

Stay tuned.  I'm working on some great ideas for the next one hundred days.  The biggest hit at the bistro is Cyber-guest Friday.  I'm searching all over the net to find experienced writers willing to share.  Visitors are stopping by from all over the world.  I'm hoping to have an international guest host soon to add some spice to our menu.

Thanks for visiting.  Please tell a friend about our menu.  It's a delight to serve you at Caveman Reflections.  I can't believe one hundred days have passed already.  Don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments section.


  1. Congradulations Michael! I love the Cyber-bistro.

  2. First, congratulations! Second, ths post reminded me that my blog is at the 100 day marker too. How did I not realize that? Thanks for the reminder! Always good to celebrate these victories.