Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trundelling Forward

Do you trundle forward with your writing or get stuck in the mud?  Like a massive storm lurking in the distance about to drench the countryside, I'm picking up my writing pace and finding my stride.  The deadline clock is ticking and I now have less than one year to complete my novel.  Every minute of my allotted 3 hour and 8 minute morning writing time must be used efficiently.

Here are three ideas to help you move forward and stay on track:

  1. Write about topics you are passionate about.
  2. Avoid dillydallying.  If you are stuck on a particular chapter, put it to the side and work on another one.
  3. Join a writers group and commit to a certain number of pages each time you attend.
I found it easy to write one blog message per day.  Two blog stories and some additional work on my novel are more demanding.  Every day, I find myself getting more efficient with the allotted time.  It helps to have eight hours of sleep before I start my morning writing ritual.

How about you?  What steps do you take to advance your writing?  Your comments are appreciated.


  1. As you've already illuded to, writing every day is key. Builds momentum. I also feel like trying different styles and methods for writing help too. (I write about this some in my post for Friday.) Reading a lot (and variety) really helps my writing as well. Oh yeah, and being open to an idea anytime and anyplace has led me to a lot of writing I would not have found otherwise.

  2.  Thanks for your comment, Kari.  I agree with you about how daily writing builds momentum.  Can't wait to read your guest post on Friday.