Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is There a Writing Gene?

The other day, my son wrote a short story and entered it in a writing contest.   He did this on his own initiative without involving me or my wife.  All three of our children have a talent for writing and I recently discovered there are generations of writers in our family.  The idea of a possible writing gene intrigues me.

I never would have known I was a writer if I hadn't started penning blog stories.  Each of us is wired uniquely and we need to try new things to discover what are true talents are.  The specific gifts we are born with mean nothing unless those gifts are cultivated.

Have you recently discovered a talent for writing, editing, or publishing you never knew you had?  How do you plan to develop your "writing gene" in the future?  Please add your thoughts below.


  1. Writing has always come easily for me. Makes up for the math gene I did not get. My oldest son struggled with writing until I showed him a process and a structure, but it's not his favorite activity. My youngest son is great at creative writing, but he is adopted, so I'm not sure where he gets that talent from if it's a gene. Our writing abilities are developed by reading and then by writing. Those are the two best activities I've discovered for improving my writing.

  2.  Thanks for sharing, Kari.  Regardless of where our gifts come from, you're right, they need to be developed.  I agree, reading and writing cultivate better writing.