Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 Steps for Writers to Connect With Readers

In the old days, writers wrote stories and readers read them.  There wasn't much of a connection between the two.   Never before has it been so easy for the two to connect.  I believe these interactions will increase as the technology advances.  Here are some steps writers can take to improve the experience for readers:

  1. Host cyber-space book releases.
  2. Set up video chat rooms to interact with readers at regular intervals.
  3. Include links to behind-the-scenes videos about how the writer found inspiration for the book.
  4. Set up a special blog for readers to keep them informed about future projects.
  5. Include bonus videos in special editions of e-books as part of the story.
If you are a reader, what changes would you like to see as technology advances?  And if you are a writer, what ideas do you have to use technology to interact with your readers?  Please leave your comments below.


  1. Technology really does provide a positive link between author and reader. My main goal, whether I'm the author or the reader, is to be authentic and honest. I also want to be sincere, which is very close to authentic. So many times I have been turned off by presenters who are not authentic and put on a air of falseness (or fakeness). I am determined not to be this way. I guess it's through the sincereity of comments, listening... not sure exactly but I am determined to figure it out.

  2. Thanks, Kari.  I agree with your point about authenticity and honesty.  It works not only in the writing world, but also in families, neighborhoods, and communities.  I know many of the bistro members personally and find them to exude the same qualities.  This group seeks to help others and together, we will all become better writers.

  3. Sounds like a terrific group of people. I'm honored to be a part.