Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Creative With My Travel Buddy, Wilson

There are strict writing guidelines in my household to help all of us keep our sanity and maintain a sense of balance.  Just before I started my one week blog vacation, I decided to bring along a travel buddy.  He is similar to Tom Hanks companion from the movie, "Cast Away."  My tennis friends only know Wilson as my racket cover.  Cyber-bistro members and guests will learn he's much more than that.  Wilson's job is to become part of my imagination.  He will help me come out of my writing comfort zone.  And he will appear in pictures with new friends I while traveling with my family through the United States.

Here is the first picture of Wilson, shot from the balcony overlooking my backyard of my California home just before we sold our home.  

Wilson becomes a character for my writing journey.
With the exception of one blog post I wrote while visiting family in Arizona, all of my writing was done inside my home in Ramona.  Now that my home is sold, I must find new places to advance my writing skills.  Wilson will be a big help.  It's time to stretch out of my writing comfort zone.  Dialoguing with an inanimate object is a little strange, however, it helped Tom Hanks survive living alone on a remote island.  Sometimes, writers feel lonely.  Not me, I have Wilson, my mid-size friend.   The two main characters in my novel are both delusional, the product of my creativity.  In a way, they are a reflection of the chef in the kitchen at Caveman Reflections Cyber-bistro.  For readers who sense this writer is a little off the wall, Wilson is proof.  Crazy or not, I'm ready to go into the deep end with my writing.  Thanks for stopping by the bistro.  Don't forget to leave your comments below.

Please be patient if you are attempting to get in touch with me.  During my blog vacation, my internet time is highly limited.  I do promise to answer all emails and respond to comments once my blog vacation is over sometime next week.

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