Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why I Created The Cyber-bistro

Some of you visiting the Cyber-bistro may be here for my recipes; they're unconventional, as is my cyber-kitchen.  The bistro is now open, although still under construction.  In fact, the construction will never end.  In an effort to serve you best, I'm constantly searching the web for the best ingredients and the best methods for story preparation, no longer served only in paperback or hardbook versions.

I created this place because I believe writers need a place to connect.  There is power in a group.  When creative minds gather and share ideas, sparks fly, innovation accelerates, and magical things happen.  Bookstores are closing.  Publishers are downsizing.  Writers are being left out in the cold.  And technology is bombarding us like meteorites falling from the sky.  Should we run and hide?  Or do we band together and embrace the change that is inevitable?

All I have to do is look around the bistro and I know the answer - we open up the roof, we open our hearts and we plug our minds into the innovation now approaching like an enemy in full attack mode.  Technology doesn't have to be our foe.  We can stare technology in the face and tell it we are not afraid.  Together, we can win the hearts of readers using tools our writing forefathers believed were confined to science-fiction.

The cyber-bistro is not science fiction.  Look at the talent in this place.  Look at the potential.  Imagine the kind of writer you can become when you learn from the master chefs appearing here every Friday.  If you're ready to embrace change rather than hold on to methods headed for the grave, you have found your refuge.  Together, we will learn to express our thoughts and ideas in new ways.  Together, we will connect with readers.  We will tweet, we will kindle, and we will pinterest, even if we don't know what it is or how it works.  Step-by-step, we will learn new methods to share our favorite recipes.  We will reach audiences all over the globe.  And we will do it with or without traditional publishers.  No longer are we at their mercy or on their timetable.  We have the tools to publish our works independently, or make us more desirable to the traditional publisher.  The world is ready.  Are we?  Join me at the cyber-bistro and let's see what we can cook.  Let's find new ways to serve our meals.  Let's dazzle the crowd.  That's my vision.  Please become a Cyber-bistro V.I.P. member today.  Let's show the world what we can do by joining forces.  Are you ready?


  1. I am ready! After your post I am also highly motivated!.
    Good post, my friend.

  2. Yeah, Stacey.  What do you think of the new comment section?  You are one of the first members to use it.

  3. Menopausalmother.blogspot.comFebruary 12, 2012 at 7:35 AM

    I like your ideas here. I'm thinking of going the self-published route because it's too hard to get in with publishers and agents these days!  Also wanted to thank you for joining my blog site    I joined yours as well but it's under the name Marcia Doyle instead of the blog name. Thanks!

  4. Welcome to the bistro, Marcia.  You will find great company here and will meet the right people to help you achieve your publishing dreams.  I recommend you read two books self-published by my writing mentors, Byron Mettler and Pete Zindler.  Both books inspired me to go the self-publishing route. Byron and Pete have done guest posts at the bistro.  Read their interviews and follow the links to get their books on Amazon.

    I promise you, if you become active here at the bistro, you will find everything you need to get published.  You may even find a publisher or editor.  There are also a handful of literary agents who visit here.

    I also recommend that you complete a profile on Disqus, I use this to comment on other social media sites and it will help you get noticed.  Email me if you need help with this.

    Let me know how I can help.  I'm excited to have another fellow writer at the bistro.

    Thanks for joining the writing community.


  5. I think its super-quick and easy!