Sunday, February 12, 2012

All Writing Things Google

First it was the gmail account.  Then it was a Google blog (Blogger).  Along came the Droid phone by Google.  Then Google+.  When I go to Heaven, I wonder if the gates will have a sign sponsored by Google:  Welcome to Heaven.

I love technology.  I love writing.  And I love Google.  Odds are you are reading today's post because you searched for something using your Google search bar.  Where do we go from here?  Let's test the waters with Google hangout.  This will be the next menu item at the Cyber-bistro.  In order to participate, I encourage to join the party using Google Friends.  Anyone can become a V.I.P. at the Cyber-bistro with Google Friends.  Find the button on the right just below the countdown clock and join the party.  I'm looking for a Google employee to appear as a Cyber-guest.  We can discuss ways writers can maximize their potential with all writing things Google.  How do you use Google in your life?

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