Friday, February 17, 2012

Saving Savannah Series Author, Stacey Rudge, Offers Guest Blog at the Cyber-bistro

Stacey Rudge with her husband, Scott.

 Please welcome Stacey Rudge to the Cyber-bistro, this week's special guest host...

Author Stacey Rudge is a magnetic survivor and fundraiser for, the elimination of human trafficking and the 2007 Soroptimist International Women of Opportunity Scholarship essay winner. In addition to numerous public speaking engagements, she has the honor and privilege of teaching the power of God’s infinite mercy to women at In His Steps Christian Recovery Home. She is fast becoming "the voice" depicting the raw brutality women coming out of the sex trade experience. 

In her spare time, she enjoys devouring the English language with her tutor in anticipation of future writing adventures.

Stacey hopes to soon find the right publisher as she is now in the final phases of completing her first manuscript, Saving Savannah.


  The semi-permanent nature of my life is a press-on tattoo that stays with my body temporarily, just when I think it’s a welcome part of me it cracks and fades, peeling away layer by layer. The truth inside of me is written on a flimsy piece of onion skin paper that disintegrates under pressure of pen.
Saving Savannah Series

My very first diary was forest green with incredibly tiny, lined, gilded pages. It snapped together with a shiny brass lock to safeguard the highly personal gushing I, a love-struck fourth grader, entered daily in feverish fits of emotional agony. I promised in most entries to forever record every single thought, conversation, or failed attempt at boy-speak for the remainder of my entire life.

My devotion to write everyday eventually waned. Each brand new journal began with a sincere apology for “not writing for so long,” followed by a heartfelt commitment to future loyalty.

During difficult times, my journals spoke what my voice could not. Each frenetic scribble was proof my soul was indeed intact, the entries evidence of my survival.

How could I have known there would be a time when every missing journal, each ripped-out page left a vacant, gaping hole where long-ago memories could slip right through when I least expected it?

Pages were often saturated with complete love and adoration for my adorable grandmother, the one constant in my life. Her prayers demonstrated the behind-the-scenes layers of hope and protection later set in motion through decades of generational blessings.

The sheer bliss I once embraced by journaling has turned into a powerful ministry tool. Exposing my journey from the Pit to the Palace is how I like to describe the adventure my readers are invited to experience by simply turning each page of the Saving Savannah Series.

My intention in baring this uncomfortably-honest piece is to glorify God in a spectacular way. My passion to reach other women far supersedes any notion of self-preservation; vanity and pride are no longer allowed on the table for discussion.

One of the best-received original ideas I shared with publishers at the San Diego Christian Writers Conference was the “Buy One, Give One” challenge. For every book sold, I ask that an additional copy is purchased and sent direct from the publisher to an incarcerated woman. It’s my own unique way to spread God’s grace through the bars of each cell, one after the other. The limitless exposure of my testimony will remain on book carts and institutional library shelves offering mercy to the countless women who never imagined that hope was even possible!
The epilogue, will include a call to salvation and the post office box address to write the author, (ME!) and share their new found decision for Christ.
My husband and I are members of the Gideons and we can provide Bibles free-of-charge to every inmate who requests one.
How cool is that???


Thank you, Stacey, for sharing your story today.  Please leave any questions or comments for Stacey below or email her at  You can read more blog stories on Stacey's blog, Saving Savannah.  If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, there is hope.  Stacey asked for this link to be included in her story...


  1. So glad to see this post! Always happy to connect with others involved in this modern-day fight for abolition--especially survivors! I am writing/speaking about this horrific topic of human trafficking in every venue possible, with the first book in my new fiction series titled Deliver Me From Evil. Please contact me, Stacy, if there is anything I can do to assist you in your ministry.

  2. This is beautiful prose. I love the way you express yoursefl as well as your unselfish attitude.  You're a wonderful woman, pleasing to God. 

  3. This sounds like an excellent book.  I look forward to seeing it published Stacey.  This subject matter is so in need of exposure (human trafficking).  I so appreciate your stylish technique and heart felt writing.  I hold you up in prayer for strength and focus in your benevolent mission.  Please keep me informed as to where I can obtain the book and how I can help in helping. 

  4. I cannot wait to read the rest. This is a subject that has long cried out to find a voice with the strength to shed light on it! From out of despair to light comes an amazing new author.

  5. Crystal Bounds Cruz Just read your blog! Cant wait to read your book! I went to write a comment on your blog but I have to upgrade my browser first and my computer wont let me for some firewall reason. I am so doggone proud of you!!!! Keep those books coming!!! Love, Crystal

  6. Alisha Williamson Caldon Stacey I'm really super proud of all your doing for the kingdom of God!I'm definitely a survivor and thank God for plucking me from the pit!you go girl fo God♥

  7. Stacey, you have found your calling! May God continue to burden your heart to share! You are an amazing inspiration to all who hear what God had done, is doing in your life. I can't wait to read the finished product.

  8. Stacey, Soroptimist Int of Ramona & Desert  is so proud of you! It takes courage to share your story. Be sure to save the date...5/20/12 for our Annual Awards Hi Tea, Sunday. We will be celebrating success of Soroptimist Women of the Past, Present and Future and would love you to be there. We have a keynote speaker of an award winner in the 70's who became a college professor and is now retired.

  9. Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss Hi Tea with my ladies :) Thank you for your support See you soon


     The pages in your journal, reminded me that
    God holds a book close to his heart with our names written down with indelible
    ink?  I wonder if it looks anything like
    your gilded journal with the shiny brass lock? Thanks for your encouragement. I
    look forward to holding a bound copy of your book.

  11. Hi Kathi,
    I'm familiar with your work and would absolutely treasure the opportunity to speak with you. I firmly believe in the exposure of evil. Let's re-direct shame towards its rightful owners- the greedy exploiters!

  12. Heather my dear, your story is equally as riveting and I'm thrilled to watch you discover the power of truth in your own journey.

  13.  Stacey, can you email me at I'll get copies of my book(s) on the subject to you right away, and I'd love to chat. I'm in SoCal. Where are you?

  14. Stacey, we are so proud of you and what you have accomplished and will further accomplish.  Keep writing and keep serving God!!  

  15. You are courageous and beautiful!

  16. Thanks Byron, I love the beautiful way you see our Father in Heaven. Can't wait to see more Gruff Books. Congrats on your book contract and continued support of my craft.

  17. Jerda,
    Please join my blog
    I can use your support and continued prayers. May God bless you for the work you do with the women.

  18. As are you. What a tremendous role model you have been to me and countless others. Please join my blog
    I'll always be a Soroptimist Fan for Life!

  19. Keep writing. Thank you for sharing your story with us.