Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hosting a Fundraiser Tonight

Live Auction from 2011 Fundraiser.
Our community borders the Barona Indian Reservation, home of great restaurants and a popular casino.  It's also tonight's venue for my church's most important fundraiser of the year.  My pastor invited me back to host the party and conduct the live auction.  Two years ago, a TV anchorman entertained the guests; although he did a great job, his fees cut into the proceeds raised for needy projects.  I talked with my pastor and volunteered to host the party the following year for free.

"You can handle the live auction, too?" he asked.

"No problem," I replied.  I love speaking in front of crowds and thought it would be fun to try something new.  The morning of the party I watched some YouTube videos of top international auctioneers.  That was it.  I let the energy of the crowd inspire me and the hands kept going up.

I can't wait to put on my tux and wear my dancing shoes tonight.  My wife and I will probably be the last two people on the dance floor.

If you are planning a fundraiser or know someone in charge of planning fundraisers, keep me in mind.  My wife and I are always looking for creative ways to get out on the dance floor and I would love to host your event.  I also enjoy participating in small group events, like house parties or Bible study sessions where guest speakers share their life stories.  I've had an opportunity to participate in intimate settings sharing why I write and how I get my inspiration.  Please email me if you are interested in hiring me for your next event.

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