Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is the Cyber-bistro Chef Crazy?

Chef Spoons
Psychosisa loss of contact with reality, usually including false beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations).

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If you're thinking about joining the Cyber-bistro, you may want to think twice before acknowledging you know the cook.  What's really going on in the cyber-kitchen?  A good friend of mine told me one definition of "crazy" is living outside the norms of society.  Most people don't live their passions.  I do believe I fall outside the category of "most people."  Since this site is designed to bring people together who want to share their writing passion (or just hang out and have a good time because this is such a friendly place and I have awesome friends from all walks of life),  I feel it's best to give you some background about the cook before you sample the food at the bistro.

I've been told repeatedly I'm "out there."  The more I develop the two main characters in my next book, both also on the delusional side, the more I agree with the opinions of my friends.  So, what are my options?  I can ignore those voices in my head and pretend to fit in with the "normal" people or I can just be me and go against the grain.

When a person labeled as crazy by society decides not to hide who he is, there are consequences.  Readers may choose not to read anything written by a frenzied author or publicly follow  a blogger who is too far out there for fear of being labeled one of those "birds of a feather who flock together."

Who in their right mind would put a picture of himself like the one I posted on today's blog message?  If you're still reading this, chances are you understand me.  Maybe you too, are passionate about writing.  Others think you're crazy because you're bursting with creativity and you can't resist diving into a writing project and swimming for hours at a time.  Maybe you're a literary agent and you dream of having crazed clients who obsess about their books like this wacko Cyber-bistro cook.  You would rather not risk your reputation by becoming a V.I.P. at the bistro, so you visit here but keep your patronage a secret from society.  Maybe you're an industry leader I invited to be a guest writer for "Guest Post Friday at the Cyber-bistro" and you're doing your due diligence before agreeing.  There's not much hope for the chef.  I'm the salmon who spends his time swimming upstream.  Maybe, just maybe, you can offer something other patrons can use to advance their writing passion and you will overlook the  quirkiness of the man in the kitchen who created this blog.

For those of you who would rather stay away from this site, I offer sincere thanks for the rejection.  Writers face constant rejection and your "no" helps build my resilience.  Those writers who ignore the barrage of rejection letters and keep writing are labeled a misfit.  I find solace when I see I'm not alone in this Cyber-bistro.  Sixteen people publicly support this goofy writer.  In 412 days, I will be releasing The Caveman in the Mirror here at the bistro.  You've been forewarned about the author.  This place is your chance to get to know me.  Consider these daily blog messages as appetizers.  Every Friday, a guest chef will share his or her favorite writing recipe.  And on Grand Opening Day you will be served the gourmet meal, an autographed copy of my next book.  I think its eye-poppingly good, but don't base anything on my opinions.  Become a regular at the bistro.  Interact with other visitors.  And then judge for yourself if you would like me to autograph a collector copy for your library.

Got a comment for the chef?  Your feedback will make your future experiences more satisfying.  Let me know and I'll do my best to serve you better, even if I live my life on the fringes of the mainstream.  Thanks for stopping by.

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