Monday, January 16, 2012

The Blog That Got Banned from my High School Facebook Page

I smell the blood of an Irishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I'll have his blog to grind my bread

Scandalous, I say, just scandalous.  I thought it was innocent an invitation for my classmates to join the Cyber-bistro on "Phi's" high school Facebook page.  Unfortunately, the site designed by my friend, "papa bear," started drifting off it's intended course.  Political ads popped up and someone started talking about God.  This is America and it isn't politically correct to be political or talk about your faith, that is unless your name is Tebow.

The funny thing about scandals is everybody loves dirt.  My blacklisted status is good for cyber-business.  High school friends will stop by just to see what all the commotion is about.  They will find other classmates who are rebels just like me, people who want to share their lives even when it may not be politically correct.  I always enjoy the company of people filled with passion.  My circle of friends includes writers, publishers, entrepreneurs, tennis players, parents, students and a few good role models I met during my fifty-one year journey on this planet.  Many are believers.  Some are devout atheists.  There are no rules at the Cyber-bistro, other than to show respect for the visitors.

Social media is a new frontier.  Be polite when posting on other sites.  And if you should get banned, learn from your mistakes.  Ask forgiveness.  And tone it down a notch when sharing your passions.  Over-zealousness can be a turn-off if you're sharing something with someone on the other side of the spectrum.  Getting other people to talk about what's important to them can lead to new friendships.

Nobody will be banned from this site, although offensive comments will be deleted.  Happy Hours will be extended to anyone who wishes to socialize here.  Be respectful.  And don't sign up to be a "Cyber-bistro V.I.P." unless you like this place and want to come back again.  Sorry, Papa Bear, for not following the rules of your house.  I promise, no more requests for classmates to join this blog on your Facebook site.  I do hope you join though.  After all, I built this blog so my out-of-town classmates could have almost as much fun as my Phoenix classmates fortunate enough to gather for Happy Hour the old-fashioned way, face-to-face.  And if I violate any more social media rules, my wife promises to send me to the's a Man-cave sans the internet.  That's reason enough to be good.

Anyone have a suggestion or comment?


  1. Hello Caveman,

    I hear you! I've learned that online the heart of a post is so easily misunderstood. Thanks for the reminder for all of us.

    Believe well in 2012!

    Adelaide Zindler

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Adelaide. And thanks for taking the time to become a Cyber-bistro V.I.P. May your new year be filled with joy and happiness.