Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Valentine's Poem for my Wife

Time to stroll into the next chapter of our lives.

♡ The time I first saw you,
♡ with those eyes of blue,
♡ I looked right through 'em and knew it was true,

♡ Something inside me felt really strange,
♡ the world I once lived in was sure gonna change,
♡ that day we first met it was a Malarkey's exchange,

♡ What did I see in your eyes that first day?
♡ the answer I give you in this special way,
♡ I looked up to Heaven and heard someone say-

♡ "This is the woman I made just for you,
♡ love her forever and she'll love you too,
♡ when you ask her to marry, she'll say I do."

♡ Next we got married and moved out of state,
♡ Both of us eager, we just couldn't wait,
♡ to start out our new lives in our Ramona estate,

♡ For twenty-two years together we've been,
♡ now we declare this before women and men,
♡ it's time to pack our belongings and leave once again,

♡ Now I look up to Heaven and hear Him say,
♡ a message He gives us this Valentine's Day,
♡ I want you to follow Me, please go this way,

♡ It's the gift you've been awaiting for so many years,
♡ you prayed for it daily, at times with some tears,
♡ the truth is you did it without any fears,

♡ You patiently waited for your mate to say,
♡ pack your bags, lady,
♡ we're moving today,

♡ Something inside me feels so strange,
♡ the world that we live in is ready to change,
♡ like the day our eyes first met in a loving exchange,

♡ You are my true love and you are the one,
♡ I want all to know I love you a ton,
♡ time to go now, my love, our work here is done.

♡  Reach out, my lady, and take my hand,
♡ with the ring on your finger you found in the sand,
♡ time to write our next chapter it's sure to be grand.

♡ Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. Mulligan.


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